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History Channel – The UnXplained: Series: 2 (2020) Episode 08 Amazing Animal Abilities

The Unxplained Series 2 Part 08 Amazing Animal Abilities

The UnXplained: Series: 2
A new original series that explores strange real life cases and individuals who turn to the supernatural world for help when all traditional methods have failed to provide a resolution.

Part 1: The Oak Island Curse
Could a cache of fantastic riches have been buried centuries ago on a tiny island in the North Atlantic’.

Part 2: Dark Prophecies
Modern prophets. Catastrophic premonitions. Dreams of future crimes. Can people really predict the future?

Part 3: Lost Civilizations
Abandoned cities. Ancient cultures nearly erased by time. And colossal empires that simply vanished without a trace. How does a civilization become “lost”‘ What could cause once-thriving groups of people to just abandon their great cities, never to return

Part 4: Deadly Cults
Deadly dances. Masters of manipulation. Mass suicides. Murder. Many of the world’s deadliest cults ventured down dark, dangerous rabbit-holes of twisted ideologies.

Part 5: Extreme Weather Mysteries
A house that narrowly dodges the path of a tornado. Rain that falls from the sky like blood. And lightning that follows you…into your home.

Part 6: Mysterious Stones
A miraculous meteorite falling from the heavens. A priceless gemstone with a deadly curse. And a chunk of sandstone considered so sacred that wars have been fought to protect it.

Part 7: Vampires and Werewolves
Dracula. Lycaon of Arcadia. The Beast of G vaudan. These are the names of grotesque monsters who have reared their terrifying heads

Part 8: Amazing Animal Abilities ,, No Subtitles
A dog that can detect cancer faster than doctors using sophisticated equipment. A horse that can read your mind. And birds that can sense disaster days before it happens.

Part 9: The Greatest Escapes
Some of history’s greatest tales are stories of escape, the most incredible of which defy explanation.

Part 10: Superhuman Senses
Our five senses–sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch–construct the reality of the world around us, like a blank canvas continuously painted and repainted over every day.

Part 11: Mysterious Curses
Throughout history, many have believed that certain places, things, or even people can be tainted with dark curses. Ominous lakes that morph into watery graves.

Part 12: The Truth about UFOs
For decades, the debate has raged as to what exactly Unidentified Flying Objects–or “UFOs”–really are.

Part 13: The Underground World
Despite all of our modern technology and sophistication, there is much that we still don’t know about what lies beneath our feet, deep underground.

Part 14: The Great Imposters
Stories of great impostors are both daring and baffling. What compels a person to attempt to become someone else? Is it merely for material gain, or to pull off an ingenious scam?

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