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History Channel – Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End (2016) 04of10 Nuclear War

Doomsday 10 Ways the World Will End 04of10 Nuclear War

Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End
Each episode of Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End opens with strange and frightening phenomena erupting across the globe: glass rains from the sky, a hole appears in the atmosphere, gravity becomes distorted, global communications break down, mass illness descends. We come to discover that these are the effects of catastrophic events that new research reveals could hit planet earth: a rogue planet collision, a gamma ray burst, methane seabed eruption, nuclear war. Through incredible CGI, we rewind to the beginning of the disaster to reveal what is happening. As the events play out, backed by true science, we investigate how mankind could prepare for the impending doom or if this is the beginning of the end.

Part 1: Killer Asteroid
65 Million Years ago, an asteroid impact caused a cascade of catastrophes that led to the downfall of the dinosaurs, but what would happen if the same size space rock struck near the same spot again?

Part 2: Black Hole
A supermassive black hole is moving toward Earth at almost the speed of light. As it approaches our planet, its enormous gravitational forces triggers natural disasters larger than any the world has seen.

Part 3: Rogue Planet
There are twice as many rogue planets as stars in the galaxy. So what might happen if a ringed planet the size of Neptune were on a collision course with Earth?

Part 4: Nuclear War
World War 3 breaks out & a nuclear nightmare becomes reality as thousands of hydrogen bombs destroy the world’s greatest cities. Resulting in a Nuclear Winter, plunging the planet into a sudden Ice Age.

Part 5: Solar Storm
When Earth gets hit by a a massive chunk of the Sun known as a deadly Solar Storm, our planet’s electrical system turns into a smoking ruin. How does modern civilization cope without power?

Part 6: Mega Eruption
For the first time in human history, a volcanic hyper eruption blows through the surface of the Earth. A bad day for Planet Earth as the disastrous results threatens the very future of mankind.

Part 7: Gamma Ray Burst
When a gamma ray burst from two colliding stars hits the atmosphere, the deadly radiation delivers agonizing death and immediately wipes out half the planet. How will the last remaining humans survive?

Part 8: Earth 0ut of Orbit
What if the Earth was pulled out of its orbit and sent on a collision course into the Sun? Earth’s deadly fall triggers massive hurricanes, sandstorms and a heat wave that kills every last person.

Part 9: Alien Invasion
When rogue aliens launch a surprise attack on Earth, people are left dying, world governments are obliterated, cities are destroyed, and a deadly virus is unleashed. Can mankind survive or is this the end?

Part 10: Deep Sea Disaster
Ocean currents control the climate around the world. When they suddenly stop, it unleashes an endless cascade of weather disasters including blizzards, superstorms, drought and rapid sea level rise.

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