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Curiosty TV – Bright Now: Series 3 (2020) 01of10 African Animal Rescue

Bright Now Series 3 01of10 African Animal Rescue

Bright Now: Series 3
Short stories about science and tech, history, global issues, and the personalities at the centre of it all.

Part 1: African Animal Rescue
The staff of South Africa’s Manyoni Private Game Reserve passionately care for some of the world’s most exotic and endangered wild animals. From treating elephant foot infections to testing cheetahs for tuberculosis, they never know what to expect each day.

Part 2: Apocalypse 101
Could you find a way to survive in a post-apocalyptic world? Astrobiologist and author Lewis Dartnell explores what it would take to stay alive following a global cataclysm, and what knowledge we would need to rebuild civilization as we know it.

Part 3: Catching Floridas Apex Predator
Top trappers from Florida Fish & Wildlife go to battle each day against dangerous nuisance alligators that lurk beneath the lush lakes and canals of Palm Beach.

Part 4: Explosion of Life
From wildflower blooms in the desert to large colonies of jellyfish off of Monterey and unbelievable glow in the dark waves, this is California at its finest. Life can bloom in the most unexpected of ways.

Part 5: First in the Sky
On January 7th, 1785, two men took on a bold challenge: to cross the English Channel in a balloon! Watch modern enthusiasts rebuild the original balloons using 18th-century tools and relive this incredible adventure!

Part 6: Lionfish Alien of the Sea
It all began in Florida in the 80’s when exotic fish aficionados decided to release their lionfish into the nearby ocean waters. In just over a decade, those fish conquered a massive territory at a horrifying speed. Scientists are calling it the worst invasion on the planet.

Part 7: The Science of Cute
Domestication shaped wolves into dogs and transformed both their behavior and their anatomy. New discoveries show how dogs produce a very specific eyebrow movement more often than wolves do. But how and why did “puppy dog eyes” develop in domesticated dogs?

Part 8: Mother of the Everglades
Strap-in for a breathtaking tour of the history and wildlife of Lake Okeechobee, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the United States, and the source of life for South Florida’s magnificent Everglades.

Part 9: The Race to Forecast Weather
Today, 24-hour forecasts are 95% reliable and 3-day forecasts are 80% reliable. How do scientists predict the weather and, each year, improve their predictions? It’s a race against time using the latest technologies.

Part 10: Monkey Island
In 1938, an American psychologist and ethnologist captured 500 macaque monkeys and brought them to a remote and uninhabited Caribbean island. His project was to study a primate population roaming free, in a giant open-air laboratory.

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