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Channel 5 – The Nile:: 5000 Years of History (2018) Series 1 Part 2

The Nile 5000 Years of History Series 1 Part 2

The Nile:: 5000 Years of History
Journey nearly 1,000 miles along the River Nile in this epic travelogue led by classical historian Bettany Hughes to see ancient Egypt’s most iconic and dazzling sites.

Part 1:
Bettany views ancient mummies at the Cairo Museum, learns about new discoveries at the Great Pyramid, and braves tunnels to see the earliest known hieroglyphs

Part 2:
Bettany visits a vast desert catacomb of mummified animals, tracks down the blue lotus flower, and explores Dendera temple, where Cleopatra wowed Julius Caesar

Part 3:
In Luxor, Bettany explores the Valley of the Kings and the Workers’ Village, then heads to the giant Karnak Temple and crosses paths with a famous steamship

Part 4:
At the southern end of the Nile, Bettany joins archaeologists at the temple of the crocodile god and watches as the rising sun pierces the temple of Ramesses the Great.

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