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ZED – Today in Africa: Series 1 (2019) 4of4 Gabon The Sentinels of the Forest

Today in Africa Series 1 4of4 Gabon The Sentinels of the Forest
Today in Africa: Series 1
In human cultures in general, and perhaps particularly in Africa, the landscape is the first shrine of tradition.

Part 1: Senegal: The Sentinels of the Water
Each day the sentinels of the water try to preserve their heritage in a world of dramatic change. From Saint-Louis to Kayar, via the region of Sine Saloum, we meet Meissa Fall, bicycle repairer, the fishermen Pape Lamine and Elimane, and Ousmane, the salt harvester.

Part 2: Benin: The Guardians of the Spirits
In Benin, the keepers of the spirits preserve a powerful spirituality. We meet At�ni, a follower of Voodoo, and Baba Fudji, a Toffina fisherman from the lake village of Ganvie. Deen, a member of the Eco-Benin association, describes the mangrove sanctification ceremony.

Part 3: Mauritania: Sentinels of the Sands
Caught between the immensity of the Atlantic and that of the Sahara, Mauritania was born of wind and sand. Today its men and women hand down its desert traditions. We meet Youbba, nomad patriarch of the Adrar region; Seif, custodian of Chinguetti’s ancient manuscripts; and Nour, a fisherman.

Part 4: Gabon: The Sentinels of the Forest
Gabon’s soul lies hidden beneath a thick green mantle, the source of most of the Gabonese traditions, medicines, spirituality, and resources. A precious heritage that a small number of men and women protect. We meet Kombo, a Babongo hunter, and Juste, who is in touch with the forest spirits.

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