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ZED – Sacred Spaces: Season 1 (2018) 2of4 Mosques Art and Space

Sacred Spaces Series 1 2of4 Mosques Art and Space
Sacred Spaces: Series 1
Why do we feel such emotion when we enter a church, a temple, a mosque, or a synagogue? These timeless spaces have beauty and mystery.

Part 1: Asian Temples Humans Nature and Gods
Tracing the history of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shintoism across India, Burma, Mongolia, and Japan. Stunning temples that showcase a seemingly impossible array of color and artistic wonder of both the divine and the enlightened.

Part 2: Mosques Art and Space
Witnesses to faith, and markers of the power of great Muslim rulers, the mosques tell us, by their diversity, the whole history of Islam, its spirituality incarnated in monuments where sacred architecture reaches the heights of ingenuity and beauty.

Part 3: Churches the Quest for Light
From Jerusalem to Mont Saint-Michel, from Florence to Moscow, the Christian monumental style transformed itself at every crucial turn in Christianitys history, including the division of Eastern from Western orthodoxies, the advent of Gothic architecture, the Muslim conquests, and the Renaissance.

Part 4: Synagogues Absence and Presence
Come visit some of the great places of worship of the Jewish world. This is an opportunity for an exciting journey into the history of the diaspora, the dispersion of Judaism and the founding of the Jewish state in Israel.

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