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ZED – On the Rails: Series 1 (2020) Episode 4 USA

On the Rails Series 1 4of5 USA
On the Rails: Series 1
From Mauritania to Sicily, from Mexico to the USA, each emblematic train takes us to meet those who live, eat and sleep there.

Part 1: Mauritania
Mauritania is a country in the Sahel which, after fighting terrorism, comes back to life. One of its points of pride is the “iron train”, which transports ferrous ore to the Atlantic. A source of income for the whole country which is 90% composed of desert and independent since 1960.

Part 2: Sicily
Sicily is an island that never stops reinventing itself and that wants to make people forget its mafia past to better reveal its treasures. Taking the railroad is the ideal way to discover them and dive into the heart of the land of volcanoes, including Etna or those of the Aeolian Islands.

Part 3: Mexico
Mexico knows how to keep its secrets. Especially in the Western Sierra Madre, which plunges from the highlands towards the Pacific Ocean. El Chepe is one of the ten legendary trains on the planet, and one of the most spectacular rail journeys in the world.

Part 4: USA
If there is one essential train in the American West, it is the California Zephyr. “Go West!” On this railroad which descends from Denver to California, we believe to relive, with a simple train ticket, the epic of the conquest of the west to the shores of the Pacific.

Part 5: Czech Republic
Prague is often the first city in the Czech Republic to come to mind. But what about the riches of its great eastern province, Moravia? A few hours from the capital, this little-known region, a great discovery, constantly recalls its assets.

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