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ZED – Napoleon: The Russian Campaign (2015) 1of2 The Moskova

Napoleon The Russian Campaign Series 1 1of2 The Moskova
Napoleon: The Russian Campaign Series 1
This docudrama revisits one of the most astounding military campaigns and defeats in history, Napoleon’s attempted invasion of Russia

Part 1: The Moskova
Since his victory over Tsar Alexander in 1807 and the Treaty of Tilsit, France and Russia are officially allies. But Alexander doesnt support Napoleons expansionist strategy. To Napoleon, Russias behavior makes it an enemy of France. Ignoring calls for caution, Napoleon invades Russia in 1811.

Part 2: The Berezina
Part 2 details the hardships and deprivations suffered by Napoleon’s Grande Armee as they await the surrender of the Tsar, which never comes. And with problems in France and his popularity waning, Napoleon begins the long, death-filled retreat from Russia with his exhausted, starving troops.

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