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ZED – Living Universe: Season 1 (2018) 2of4 The Explorers

Living Universe 2of4 The Explorers
Living Universe
An interstellar adventure in search of an exoplanet that supports complex life. We ask the greatest minds in the world: How do we get there? Featuring an incredible team of experts including NASA planetary explorers Gentry Lee and Steve Squyres, and exoplanet hunters-Sara Seager and Natalie Batalha.

Part 1: The Planet Hunters
For as long as weve had eyes to see and minds to wonder weve marveled at the stars. Since the discovery of the first so-called exoplanet in 1994, the Planet Hunters have transformed the way we see the universe. It is the year 2157, and spacecraft Artemis enters the final phase of construction.

Part 2: The Explorers
A look at the continuing evolution of the cosmos. What our existence tells us about the universe and how complicated it is. Why are things the way that they are? The spacecraft Artemis initiates launch sequence and begins its 4.7 light year journey to Minerva B – an Earth-like exoplanet.

Part 3: Second Genesis
Artemis arrives on the exoplanet Minerva B, but have they found evidence of life?

Part 4: Contact
Minerva B is a small rocky planet just like earth, where spacecraft Artemis has found water, organic molecules, and complex creatures. Finally, Artemis has found life.

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