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ZED – 1929: Season 1 (2009) 2of2 The Great Depression

1929 Series 1 2of2 The Great Depression
1929: Series 1
Calling on historians and economists, William Karel conducts a detailed analysis of the 1929 crash of Wall Street and the Great Depression.

Part 1: 1929: The Crash
Thursday, October 24: the Wall Street Stock Exchange crashes, the greatest economic crisis of the 20th century suddenly breaks out. The crash, fueled by frenetic speculation, and by the idea that everyone could get rich without limits, put a final stop to the euphoria of the 1920s.

Part 2: 1929: The Great Depression
This is the story of how the world’s leading economy sinks into the Great Depression, with repercussions that allow Hitler to rise to power. Eventually, President Franklin D. Roosevelt brings hope and optimism back into the hearts of the US population.

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