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ZDF – Spies of War: Season 1 (2019) 3of4 The Spy Who Prevented the War

Spies of War Series 1 3of4 The Spy Who Prevented the War
Spies of War: Series 1
Montagu, Garbo, Fuchs, Penkovsky… Their names may mean nothing to you, yet these people changed the course of history.

Part 1: D-Day Spies
June 6th, 1944: nearly 130,000 Allied soldiers storm Normandy’s beaches, initiating the liberation of French territory from the Nazis. Behind the scenes of this major event of WWII, British MI-5s double agents contributed to the largest deception campaign of the entire war.

Part 2: Soldier who Never Was
July 10th, 1943: the Allied troops land in Sicily and open a new breach in the Nazi empire. Crucial to this key operation, two British Intelligence officers devise a most ingenious deception plan to divert the Germans from Sicily…

Part 3: Spy who Prevented the War: Saved the World
October 1962: The Cuban missile crisis. The world holds its breath under the imminent threat of a nuclear war. Behind the scenes of the most harrowing days of the Cold War, one of the greatest spies of the century plays a crucial role to help Kennedy stand up to Khrushchev.

Part 4: The Atomic Spies
August 29, 1949: four years after the U.S. drops the first atomic bomb, the Soviets test one. No one expected it so soon. Behind the scenes of this major event which started the Cold War, Soviet Secret Intelligence developed one of the most massive mole networks of the twentieth century.

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