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ZDF – Size Matters: Season 1 (2019) 2of2 Small is Beautiful

Size Matters Series 1 2of2 Small is Beautiful
Size Matters: Series 1
Why are insects small and planets big? Why is Earth not the size of Jupiter, or why arent people the size of mice?

Part 1: The Bigger the Better
Planet Earth grows to outlandish proportions that causes lying down to become the new standing up, the sun gets big ideas giving us a 20,000-year winter before blowing up in the biggest explosion since the big bang, we meet a dog the size of a dinosaur and Joe himself turns into a 49ft giant.

Part 2: Small is Beautiful
Planet Earth shrinks to half size causing altitude sickness and a cosmic disaster, the sun gets as small as a sun can be, turning Earth into a frozen mud ball. We also see what happens to a man who shrinks to the same size as a wasp.

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