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Witnesses of Doom (2014)

Witnesses of Doom

For decades, the film reels were thought to be lost. They showed interviews carried out in 1948 by the bestselling American author Michael Musmanno with witnesses to the final days of Adolf Hitler. He wrote a book about it, Ten Days to Die (1950). But the film images disappeared and seemed lost for decades. They were only found in 2013
Now, for the first time, exclusive excerpts can be seen in a new SPIEGEL TV documentary. The interviewees included Hitlers secretary Traudl Junge, his driver Erich Kempka, the one-time youth leader Artur Axmann and a sister of Eva Braun. Among other things, they talk about their time inside the bunker of Berlins Reich Chancellery at the end of April 1945, about the dictators suicide, and about the disposal of the bodies

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