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Viceland – Black Market Dispatches: Series 1 (2016) 1of4 The Tunnels of Gaza

Black Market Dispatches Series 1 1of4 The Tunnels of Gaza

Black Market Dispatches: Series 1
Around the world, there are many criminal operations where illegal goods, services and other contraband move across borders. In ``Black Market: Dispatches, actor Michael K. Williams — who played a criminal mastermind in the HBO drama ``The Wire — embeds himself within groups that are involved in some of these black-market activities in an attempt to show people what really happens in the criminal enterprises. Over the course of the series, viewers are introduced to the likes of darknet drug dealers and counterfeiters as the show explores the politics and motivations behind the hidden operations.

Part 1: The Tunnels of Gaza
Suffering under economic blockade, Gazans resort to smuggling goods through an illegal network of tunnels; the tunnels are under attack from Israel and Egypt.

Part 2: Kamikaze
Colombian smugglers eke out a living by smuggling gas , known as kamikazes

Part 3: Dark Web
A secret part of the Internet is revolutionizing drug dealing.

Part 4: Syrian Refugee Girls
Desperate young women fleeing the Syrian war are being trafficked into the sex trade under the guise of religion.

Part 5: Poaching Pangolin
The world’s most trafficked mammal may go extinct before most people know what it is

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