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Ultra Eye: Berlin (2004)

Ultra Eye Berlin

Ultra HD, the first channel devoted to the worlds of fashion, beauty and style in high-definition, produced series of Ultra Eye specials where each episode unveils the culture of a stylish city from its design and arts to cuisine and fashion. The cities focused, in each of the one-hour episodes, were Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, London, Marrakech, Singapore, New York and Rio among others.
Ultra Eye invites viewers to jet-set to the style capitals of the world. Each episode discovers the design culture of a new city. Topics covered include fashion, arts, architecture, interior design and the culinary arts. The series helps to define a city’s sense of style while bringing viewers a plethora of visually stunning high definition experiences.
In this episode stylish Berlin sites are visited. Berlin has long been attracting a creative community of people with an ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit. New architecture and the latest design projects from the city’s designers and architects are showcased . This is a designer’s guide to visiting European’s newest capital of cool. Guests include Sony Center designer Steffen Duemler.

Produced by West Beach Entertainment for Ultra HD/VOOM HD Networks

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