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UKTV – War Factories Series 2 (2020)

UKTV War Factories Series 2

The untold secret story of World War II. No matter how many soldiers or how clever the generals or how daring the strategy, a war cannot be won if there are not enough bullets and steel and planes and food and tanks.

Ch1. Battle for Black Gold
The story of the discovery and exploitation of the Baku Oilfields in the Russian Caucasus, which forced Stalin and Hitler to face-off in the battle of Stalingrad.

Ch2. Fiat and the Fascists
How Fiat didn’t just make cars, but also made trains, planes and, like modern-day kingmakers, they made and broke governments too.

Ch3. The People’s Car
While America had Ford or Chrysler or Buick, Hitler also wanted a car that would transform his nation – the ‘people’s car’, or Volkswagen.

Ch4. Apocalypse Factories
The incredible story of the arms race to create America’s nuclear arms factories.

Ch5. The Kamikaze Bullet
Japan would create arguably the greatest fighter in the Second World War – the Mitsubishi Zero, but their failed War Factories would ultimately reduce the Zero to a Kamikaze plane.

Ch6. Dambuster Factory
How the Lancaster factory, one of the biggest buildings in Europe at the time, helped to create a truly war-winning weapon.

Ch7. Colt and Kalashnikov
Long before Henry Ford, Samuel Colt is the true father of mass production. Ironically, it was the inadequacy of Soviet factory production which made the AK47 so effective.

Ch8. The First Giants
The First World War led to a number of astounding war factories, which laid the foundations and paved the way for modern factories of today.

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