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UKTV – War Factories (2019)

UKTV War Factories

The untold secret story of World War II. No matter how many soldiers or how clever the generals or how daring the strategy, a war cannot be won if there are not enough bullets and steel and planes and food and tanks.

Ch1. German Aviation
The untold secret story of war production that shaped the Second World War, beginning with how the German aviation industry came to dominate the skies of Europe.

Ch2. Krupp
The story behind the Krupp company, who were responsible for the manufacture of two of Germany’s most feared war products – the Panzer Tank and the U-boat.

Ch3. Vickers
The role played by engineering giant Vickers during the Second World War, including the development of the Spitfire and how the Royal Navy recovered from losing so many warships.

Ch4. General Motors
How the Americans, once they were provoked into war, out-produced the rest of the world so quickly and by such a huge margin, including the likes of General Motors.

Ch5. US Aviation
Henry Ford’s plan, with the help of Albert Kahn, to build a giant factory in Michigan, covering 3.5million sq ft and including an aircraft production line half a mile in length.

Ch6. Occupied Territories
The sabotaging efforts of Peugeot in Nazi-occupied France, where the bosses and workers cooperated closely with the Resistance to hinder the use of military vehicles by the Nazis.

Ch7. US Ships
The story of America’s ‘Liberty Ships’, which were produced in incredible numbers and became known as the Model T Fords of the ocean.

Ch8. Russia
The remarkable story of how Stalin’s massive war factories were dismantled and moved east on one and half million railway trucks, to avoid being lost to the Nazis.

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