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UKTV – Hurricane Man: Season 1 (2019) 3of7 Typhoon of Terror

Hurricane Man Series 1 3of7 Typhoon of Terror
Hurricane Man: Series 1
Hurricane Man follows Josh Morgerman, one of the world’s leading hurricane chasers. Josh predicts where a storm will hit before racing right into the eye of some of the biggest and most dangerous storms around the globe. Josh and his on-screen team of British producers will give first-hand accounts from the eye of the storm.

Part 1: The Devil Comes to Florida
In the first episode, a deadly Category 5 hurricane hits the coast of Florida, an expert storm-chaser uses cutting-edge tech to investigate what happens when one of the largest hurricanes in American history unleashes pandemonium on a Florida beach town.

Part 2: The Doomsday Twins
When a pair of deadly typhoons threatens Japan, an expert storm-chaser uses cutting-edge tech to hunt these powerful storms and measure their impact.

Part 3: Typhoon of Terror
A seemingly weak typhoon quickly intensifies while on a collision course for Japan, and to reveal the scale of this threat, an expert storm-chaser uses cutting-edge tech to investigate its deadly secrets.

Part 4: Catastrophe in the Carolinas
As a powerful hurricane nears the coast of North Carolina, experts worry it could become a record-breaking monster with an apocalyptic punch. A storm-chasing team uses cutting-edge tech to follow its devastating impact.

Part 5: Hunt for the Super Typhoon
When a Category 5 super-typhoon with 175 mile winds arrives in the Philippines, an expert storm-chaser races to get into the eye of the storm to record the destruction.

Part 6: The Monster in Mexico
In Mexico, a major hurricane threatens communities on its western coast, and an expert storm-chaser uses cutting-edge tech to pursue this super-storm and measure its impact.

Part 7: Curse of the Cyclone
When a catastrophic typhoon hits a remote part of the Philippines, it becomes the most powerful storm of the year, and an expert-storm chaser races against the clock to collect data from the storm’s eye and investigate the destruction.

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