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UFOs Declassified: Series 1 (2015) Black Triangles

UFOs Declassified Series 1 3of6 Black Triangles
UFOs Declassified: Series 1
Weather balloons. Atmospheric phenomena. Experimental military aircraft. There are explanations for most unknown flying objects, but not all of them. So, are flying saucers real? Many Americans believe extraterrestrial visits are possible, and in 1952, the U.S. Air Force even launched Project Blue Book, history’s most extensive government investigation into UFOs. Join us as we pour over recently declassified reports, meet with science experts, and hear eyewitness accounts to see if we are indeed sharing our friendly skies.

Part 1: Battle of LA
Declassified documents have shed new light on L.A.’s stranger-than-fiction mass UFO sighting in 1942.

Part 2: The Rendlesham Incident
Were aliens monitoring two Air Force bases during the Cold War? Some military officials are convinced of it.

Part 3: Black Triangles
The investigation to examine massive, triangular-shaped aircraft seen by thousands, but identified by no one.

Part 4: Roswell Report
We pore over declassified military files and expert testimony in an effort to reveal the truth behind the Roswell legend.

Part 5: Pilot Eyewitness
The most controversial and compelling encounters between commercial airliners and unidentified phenomena.

Part 6: Locked on
During the Cold War, UFO sightings exploded around the world, several of which involved military pilots.

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