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TV5Monde Thalassa – Morbihan, un archipel en Bretagne (2019)

TV5Monde Thalassa 2019 Morbihan un archipel en Bretagne

It’s nicknamed the “Mediterranean of Brittany”. This is the Gulf of Morbihan: a mosaic of maritime spaces dotted with islands that close on the Atlantic by a narrow 900-meter-wide gully. Meet with those who live there all year long.

This is the case of Pierre Martin, an oyster farmer on Île-aux-Moines, and Christian Le Menach, a farmer on Tascon Island. It is the same desire to preserve a heritage that animates the team of the school of the sea Skol ar Mor. Each year, about twenty girls and boys meet in Mesquer to learn how to build and repair unique boats, the old rigs.

South of the Gulf of Morbihan sneaks the second strongest current in Europe, the current of the Mare. Between Mare Island and Berder Island, at the height of the tide, it can reach 9.1 knots or 17 kmph! The Gulf of Morbihan is one of the most dangerous places for navigation, but also an extraordinary playground for the daring.

Spectacular and scary, we will share the “underwater flight” of divers trained at high speed on the seabed. On 12th December 1999 the oil tanker “Erika” sank in the Breton waters, off the tip of Penmarch. A few days later, a terrible oil spill hit Brittany.

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