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TV5Monde Thalassa – D’Hoëdic à Quiberon (2020)

TV5Monde Thalassa 2020 D Hoedic a Quiberon

From Hoëdic to Quiberon

Discovering people who are committed to preserving the link they have with the sea. Fishermen, oyster farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs … they reveal the different facets of the French coast.

Chapter 1: Quiberon, they re-invent artisan fishing
Simon Le Gurun is a new generation fisherman. Three years ago, he decided to change his way of working by responding to an emerging demand: to sell his live fish. Jean-François Malherbe, an angler off Quiberon, has also made the choice of another fishery, more qualitative and more respectful of the resource. He’s bypassed the auction and uses the internet to sell his fish to get a better price.

Chapter 2: Hoëdic, the challenge of the new teacher
On the small island of Hoëdic, off Quiberon, it was necessary to save the school, threatened with closure. Yannick Moisson, a teacher in love with the sea, is committed to taking up the challenge. The start of a great adventure on this 2 sq km sand and granite island, where only sixty inhabitants live year-round and where six children find themselves in Yannick’s unique class. His predecessors did not resist the harshness of isolation for very long.

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