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TV5Monde Thalassa – Des Abers à la Mer d’Iroise (2020)

TV5Monde Thalassa 2020 Des Abers a la Mer d Iroise

From Abers to the Iroise Sea.

Brittany’s flourishing seaweed business.
It is an unknown treasure, hidden at the bottom of the Iroise Sea: it is the largest field of kelp in Europe. This Breton green gold, coveted for its richness and exceptional diversity, has been exploited for the food industry for several decades by seaweed vessels in a highly regulated framework. But demand is strong and the exploitation of kelp seems a promising avenue. A new generation of entrepreneurs have decided to promote this new food.

Father Jaouen, solidarity as a legacy.
Off the Aber-Wrac’h, in Finist?re, the “Rara-Avis”, a three-masted schooner, welcomes young people from all walks of life on board. At the age of 24, Peter and Martin, in search of meaning, dropped everything to embark on this exceptional human adventure. Their story is in the wake of an extraordinary man, Father Michel Jaouen, who died in 2016. For decades, he has taken generations of young people in difficulty to navigate.

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