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TV5Monde Thalassa – De Banyuls-sur-Mer à Gruissan (2020)

TV5Monde Thalassa 2020 De Banyuls-sur-Mer a Gruissan

From Banyuls-sur-Mer to Gruissan

Ch 1. Red coral, the treasure of the Cerbère-Banyuls reserve
The Cerbère-Banyuls reserve has just obtained the status of world refuge. It is also the oldest marine reserve in France. For 45 years, guards have watched over her. Among them, the Italian biologist Lorenzo Bramonti. He devotes his research to a fantastic little animal that fascinates him: the red coral. Decimated for years by the jewellery trade, coral is now safe in the reserve.

Ch 2. Gruissan, a model of equality
Benjamin Bes, a young fisherman, is passionate about his job. In Gruissan, he perpetuates this deep respect for local fishermen and their lagoon. Decisions are taken by a show of hands and the fishing zones drawn by lot to avoid any favoritism. This old approach is in line with the current challenges of preserving the resource.

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