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TV5Monde Thalassa – Camargue, Venise: les peuples des lagunes (2019)

TV5Monde Thalassa 2019 Camargue Venise les peuples des lagunes

Camargue, Venice: the lagoon people.

Like Venice, the Camargue is a land at sea level. Both are born in a semi-natural half-artificial environment and their respective inhabitants live, to the rhythm of their lagoon . It’s their particularly colourful everyday life that Fanny Agostini shares with us.

In the Camargue, humans coexist with nature on 150,000 hectares of ponds and lagoons and 100 kilometers of coastline. Initiatives to preserve it at best are many and varied. Emblematic of the Camargue territory, pink flamingos have lived there since the 16th century. They elect “home” in welcoming areas that ensure calm, food and security. From time immemorial, man wanted to control the sea by pushing it behind dikes. Today, sea level rise has become a reality. So much so that previously unthinkable solutions are now tempted. This dilemma is for the city of the Doges who also cohabit with increasing difficulty, with the sea. For a long time, Venice has been trying to erect a steel barrier that would protect it during high tides. Like the Camarguais, the Venetians are considering other softer and more natural options.

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