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TV5Monde Thalassa – Bretagne, au coeur des tempêtes (2020)

TV5Monde Thalassa 2020 Bretagne au coeur des tempetes

Brittany, in the heart of storms.

Chapter 1: Living with the storm
Each winter, from Ouessant to Saint-Malo, storms punctuate the lives of the inhabitants of the coast and the islands. In the corsair city, with each great tide coupled with a storm, it is the great upheaval. The city calms down while waiting for the spectacle of giant waves. In Ouessant, the islanders are in the front row.

Chapter 2: In Guilvinec, a heavy weather tide
Le Guilvinec, in Finistere, is a port that lives and breathes with fishing. Aboard the “Bara Pemdez”, a twenty-four-meter trawler, Yannick Affagar and his sailors live to the rhythm of the trawl and resist everything: the cold, the lack of sleep and the danger that hangs constantly.

Chapter 3: The Amoco-Cadiz disaster
On March 16th 1978, the oil tanker “Amoco-Cadiz” was struggling with force 11 winds and twelve meter troughs! Victim of a rudder failure, the huge 330-meter-long ship drifts inexorably and ends up running aground on the reefs of Portsall, in Finistere. More than 220,000 tonnes of crude oil will flow from its flanks. More than forty years later, we find the local witnesses of this terrible shipwreck.

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