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TV5Monde Secrets d’Histoire – Marie Tudor (2019)

TV5Monde Secrets d Histoire 2019 Marie Tudor

Bloody Mary on the English Throne.

Marie I, daughter of the terrible King Henry VIII, reigned over England and Ireland from 1553 to 1558. She owes her nickname of Bloody Mary, or Marie la Sanglante, to the torture which she had inflicted on nearly three hundred Protestants, burned alive for their faith. But Marie I is above all a woman bruised by the tyranny of her father. Henry VIII, a true blue beard, married six women, two of whom were beheaded, and broke up with the Pope to create the Church of England. He absolutely wants a son and withdraws from his eldest daughter Marie his title of legitimate heiress. It was by her tenacity alone that Marie Tudor succeeded in seizing the English throne at 37 years of age. She became the first woman to reign in her name on English soil, preparing for the arrival of her half-sister, Elisabeth I, who succeeded her.

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