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TV5Monde Secrets d Histoire – Vacances Royales (2014)

TV5Monde Secrets d Histoire Vacances Royales

Royal holidays.

Stéphane Bern discovers the summer residence of French presidents, Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Francis. While most French know the name of Fort Brégançon, few have had the opportunity to enter the place, home for forty years of the summer stays of the various presidents of the Fifth Republic. Today, anyone can visit the lounges, the presidential office and the lush gardens of this ancient military fortress, since President Hollande decided to open the site to the public. In Italy the Castel Gandolfo, the Papal summer palace where for 400 years the popes withdrew a few weeks a year. There, between a splendid view of Lake Albano, and a beautiful park, Pope Francis can meditate, pray, walk and meet friends away from heavy Vatican protocol. Discover also from Balmoral Castle, Scotland, favorite residence of the Queen of England, and Highgrove House, Prince Charles’ property, surrounded by the most beautiful gardens in the UK.

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