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TV5Monde – Histoires d Arbres (2015) 2of5

TV5Monde Histoires d Arbres 2of5

Stories about Trees.

This series discovers remarkable trees emblematic of Europe through the singular relationship that men have with them. The series draws a new map, revealing a Europe rooted in its soil, its history, its legends and speaking without knowing a common language: that of these remarkable trees that embody the present, both in its past and future.

Part 1: The Masters of Water
The roots of the plane tree on the Island of Peilz, Switzerland, plunge into the waters of Lake Geneva.

Part 2: From Fathers to Sons
In Germany, a majestic, solitary oak stands regally in the middle of a field. In Italy, a venerable cypress, said to have been planted by Saint Francis of Assisi, now grows in the middle of a cloister, the heart of the Franciscan monastery built around it.

Part 3: The Roots of Childhood
The linden dance tree in Hemmelsberg, Germany, and the so-called Whiteleaved Oak in England, raise extraordinary curiosity and vitality. Both trees, one lost in the countryside and the other in the centre of a village, attract visitors.

Part 4: Vanquishing Time
A thousand year-old olive tree in Oletta, Corsica, and a spruce named Old Tjikko in Sweden; both appear to defy time itself. The first still produces olives; the second grows wild and has survived the extreme conditions of northern Scandinavia for more than 9,000 years.

Part 5: Nature’s Deities
The two thousand year-old yews in La Haye-de-Routot, France, just like the clootie or wish tree in Herchies, Belgium, are imbued with a spirituality whose origins have been lost in time. These trees have grown up with the beliefs that have become attached to them.

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