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TV5Monde – Expedition: Passage du Nord-Ouest (2014)

TV5Monde Expedition Passage du Nord-Ouest

Expedition: North-West Passage

A two-part documentary of the conquest of the North-West passage linking Greenland to Russia across the Arctic, more than a century on from Norwegian Amundsen’s journey.

Part 1: From Greenland to Nunavut
For centuries, explorers and seafarers sought to travel the maritime route linking the North Atlantic to the Pacific, but it wasn’t until 1907 that Norwegian Roald Amundsen achieved the feat. Over 7,500 kilometres, French crew ‘L’Austral’ takes on the challenge.

Part 2: From Nunavut to the Bering Strait
Cutting through the ice floes, the ‘L’Austral’ crew anchor in the Inuit site of Ditchburn. Stuck in the ice, the boat is forced to call on the ‘Pierre Radisson’ icebreaker before continuing on its journey towards the Bering Strait and the Pacific.

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