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Travel Channel – Secrets of the National Parks: Series 1 (2020) 4of5 Zion and Bryce

Secrets of the National Parks Series 1 4of5 Zion and Bryce
Secrets of the National Parks: Series 1
In this Mini Series, we look at what makes America’s national parks so special? Why are millions of people drawn to these parks from all around the world year after year? The secrets of some of America’s most profound national parks are unearthed here, and your journey into each park will help you clearly understand the importance of preserving and conserving our Earth’s wild lands.

Part 1: The Southwest1080p
In lands made famous by Georgia O’Keeffe, discover the secrets of the Southwest along famous Route 66 and the Grand Circle, an area with the highest concentration of national parks in the country. Discover how Monument Valley in Utah and Gallup in New Mexico became cinematic locations, jet-ski in the brilliant blue waters of Lake Powell, and explore the spirit of the Navajo in Canyon de Chelly.

Part 2: Glacier National Park 1080p
Discover the many ways to experience high adventure in “the land of shining mountains.” Take an unforgettable hike along the Highline Trail, raft a wild river, or travel by train aboard the renowned Empire Builder. Behold massive glaciers, and get close (but not too close!) to bears. Then, kick back at a high-altitude chalet.

Part 3: Hawaiis National Parks 1080p
Hawaii Volcanoes and Haleakala National Parks are two of the most extraordinary places on Earth. Here you can witness molten lava bubbling from the earth, catch a spectacular sunrise above the cloud-line, or take a dip into pools of paradise.

Part 4: Zion and Bryce 1080p
By foot, shuttle, and horseback, gain access to the scenic and geological wonders of Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. In Zion, embark on a breathtaking ascent of Angel’s Landing. In Bryce, climb sheer cliff walls, tubs down the Virgin River, and gaze upon thousands of beautiful bizarre rock spires known as hoodoos.

Part 5: Denali National Park 1080p
Get “a touch of the tundra” as you take in Denali’s stunning scenery through the dome-roofed cars of the Denali Star train, meet sled dogs at the Kennels, and take a discovery hike to experience the untamed wilderness and diverse wildlife much as the first explorers to the region once did.

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