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Travel Channel – Lost in the Wild: Season 1 (2020) Episode 3 Secrets to Die For

Lost in the Wild Series 1 Part 3 Secrets to Die For
Lost in the Wild: Series 1
In this eight part mystery Documentary series Explorers J.J. Kelley and Kinga Philipps head into wilderness areas to reinvestigate missing person’s cases, retracing the steps of adventurers whose journeys took unexpected turns for the worse.
2 parts to follow

Part 1: Hike into Hell
Kinga Philipps and J.J. Kelley journey to Panama to solve the mystery of what happened to two young Dutch women who disappeared while hiking. The official story is a simple accident, but haunting photos from their last days suggest darker possibilities.

Part 2: Amazon’s Atlantis
J.J. Kelley and Kinga Philipps head into the heart of the Amazon to follow in the footsteps of three adventurers who went missing while in search of the fabled lost city of Akakor. An enigmatic tour guide may be the key to solving the decades-old mystery.

Part 3: Secrets to Die for
Kinga Philipps and J.J. Kelley investigate the disappearances of two men who eerily vanished in the mountains above Silver Plume, Colorado, mere months apart in the 1980s. Psychic medium Cindy Kaza joins the case with a chilling alternative theory.

Part 4: Murder in Shangri-La
Kinga Philipps and J.J. Kelley investigate the 2016 disappearance of a social media star who ventured into northern India’s fabled Valley of Death on a spiritual quest and never returned.

Part 5: Cursed Paradise
J.J. Kelley and Kinga Philipps head to a remote island in the Galapagos to uncover how and why an Austrian baroness and her lover disappeared in 1934. Cryptic photographs found near a dead body almost a century ago may provide new clues in the case.

Part 6: Invisible Empire
Kinga Philipps and J. J. Kelley journey to Malaysia to solve the case of a long-distance runner who disappeared in 2019. Foul play is suspected, but many locals believe the man vanished into a secret realm ruled by invisible beings.

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