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Travel Channel – Legendary Locations: Season 1 (2018) Episode 2 Game of Bones and Unknowns

Legendary Locations Series 1 2of8 Game of Bones and Unknowns
Legendary Locations: Series 1
From the jungles of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula to the ruins of the Trojan battlefield in Turkey, Josh Gates weaves the tales and tells the secrets of the world’s most legendary locations.

Part 1: Lost and Found
Josh Gates explores the stories behind millionaire Jim Thompson’s disappearance in Malaysia, an ancient city’s collapse in Cambodia and a celebration of beliefs surrounding death in Bolivia.

Part 2: Game of Bones and Unknowns
Josh explores the beauty of the spiritual realm. He investigates a German basilica said to house the bones of 11,000 virgins, a Japanese ice cave guarded by a dragon’s spirit and a remote island where cats outnumber humans.

Part 3: Last Resorts
Josh Gates explores legendary places of protection, including a historic military fortress in Gibraltar, drug lord Pablo Escobar’s secret Colombian hideaway and a floating kingdom on Peru’s Lake Titicaca.

Part 4: Portals to Punishment
Josh Gates explores sites where the journey is the destination, including a visit to “The Death Road” in Bolivia and Turkey’s Gbekli Tepe, which may contain the oldest known megaliths.

Part 5: Crystal Skull Obsession
Josh investigates the iconic mystery of the crystal skulls. He visits sites in Belize, Spain and Scotland where the legends are born from obsession.

Part 6: Places of Power
Josh explores three iconic monuments, including the majestic Statue of Liberty and one of the world’s greatest architectural masterpieces — the Blue Mosque.

Part 7: Cults of Personality
Josh explores three locations where people connect with spirits and miracles, from a celebration honoring a mysterious American soldier on a remote Pacific island to portal to the dead in New Orleans.

Part 8: Secrets in Stone
Josh explores three legendary locations where stone labyrinths hide something incredible, including a vast city carved deep into a canyon in the Jordanian desert and a dark South Pacific cave once used as a kitchen by a cannibal tribe.

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