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Travel Channel – Into the Unknown: Series 1 (2020) Episode 2 The Legend of Mount Shasta

Into the Unknown Series 1 Part 2 The Legend of Mount Shasta

Into the Unknown: Series 1
Adventurer and survivalist Cliff Simon explores paranormal mysteries in some of the world’s most extreme and challenging environments. Along the way, scientists, shamans and historians provide clues that shed light on dark secrets that defy explanation.

Part 1: The Rougarou
Legend has it that a fearsome werewolf-like creature lurks deep in the heart of the Louisiana bayou. Determined to track down the beast’s lair, Cliff Simon navigates his way through the largest — and deadliest — swamp in America.

Part 2: The Legend of Mount Shasta
California’s Mount Shasta is a dormant volcano with a supernatural reputation. Dozens of people have vanished there without a trace, and now, armed with the latest high-tech gear, Cliff Simon searches for both scientific and paranormal explanations.

Part 3: The Mojave Sandman
Sightings of a Sasquatch-like creature in the inhospitable desert of Southern California have made headlines for decades. Cliff Simon is determined to make a contribution to the ongoing investigation, but the story is much bigger than he ever imagined.

Part 4: The Brown Mountain Lights
For over a century, people have witnessed strange orb-like lights rise up from the deepest gorges near Brown Mountain, North Carolina. Cliff Simon goes on an eerie recon mission through dangerous terrain to find out the source of the mysterious lights.

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