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Travel Channel – Expedition Unknown: Series 5 (2018) Legend of the Snake King: After the Hunt

Expedition Unknown Series 5 3of3 Legend of the Snake King After the Hunt Part 3
Expedition Unknown: Legend of The Snake King
Expedition Unknown chronicles the adventures of Josh Gates as he investigates iconic mysteries across the globe. Gates begins by interviewing key eyewitnesses and uncovering recent developments in the story, then springboards into a fully immersive exploration.

Part 1: Legend of the Snake King: Part 1
Josh Gates and his team join noted archaeologist Dr. Richard Hansen on an adventurous quest to the lost-city of El Mirador deep in the Guatemalan rainforest. Their mission: to find the hidden tombs of the mysterious Maya Snake Kings.

Part 2: Legend of the Snake King: Part 2
Josh concludes his investigation into the mysterious Maya city of El Mirador, from the possible burial of the elusive Snake Kings to uncovering the secrets behind the fall of one of history’s greatest ancient cities.

Part 3: Legend of the Snake King: After the Hunt Part 3
Josh Gates and his crew reconvene at “Expedition Unknown” headquarters to delve deeper into the investigation of the lost Maya city of El Mirador and the tomb of the Snake Kings.

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