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This is Cinerama (1952) 2of2

This Is Cinerama 2of2

This is Cinerama is a 1952 American documentary film directed by Merian C. Cooper and starring Lowell Thomas. It is designed to introduce the widescreen process Cinerama, which broadens the aspect ratio so the viewer’s peripheral vision is involved.
This is Cinerama premiered on September 30, 1952 at the Broadway Theatre, in New York City.

Because the new technology required a special setup of three projectors and multiple soundtracks, the film’s distribution was also revolutionary. It was shown in a single theater in most cities, with reserved seats and lengthy runs – a distribution model known as a road show. For years the only way to see it in its entirety was in one of the three remaining 3-projector Cinerama installations that continue to preserve and show 35 mm prints.

Travel around the world with Cinerama, from Venice to Madrid, from Edinburgh Castle to the La Scala opera house in Milan, and concluding with a flight across America in the nose of a B-25 bomber.
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