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The Weapon Hunter: Season 2 (2017) 5of6 D-Day Detonator

The Weapon Hunter Series 2 5of6 D Day Detonator
The Weapon Hunter: Series 2
Rebuilds of a Vietnam vehicle and a giant anti-aircraft cannon. A mission to piece together a Frankengun known as the Stinger. A D-Day reconstruction like no other. Military history buff Paul Shull continues his quest to touch, hold, and fire some of the greatest pieces of weaponry on the planet. Follow him across the country as he tracks down some of the most iconic weapons from World War II and the Vietnam War, puts them to the test, and hears firsthand accounts from the veterans who used them.

Part 1: Vietnam Road Warrior
Gun trucks played a vital role in the Vietnam War, escorting supply convoys through highly dangerous regions. Join host Paul Shull as he heads to Tennessee, to help Vietnam vet Sammy Seay rebuild a gun truck nicknamed the “Proud American.”

Part 2: Big Bad B- 25
Host Paul Shull is helping the United States Commemorative Air Force in the restoration of the only B-25 bomber left in the world, but in order to complete the task he must find a critical missing part.

Part 3: Pearl Harbor Payback
Join host Paul Shull as he tracks down two critical parts that will resurrect one of these devastating weapons to full working order. Then hear the stories of a Naval veteran who witnessed the carnage of December 7, 1941 firsthand.

Part 4: Worlds Fastest Weapon
Host Paul Shull is on a mission to fix and fire an electric minigun from the Vietnam War, a six-barreled beast that could fire up to an astonishing 6,000 rounds per minute. Then buckle up as he tests his refurbished minigun in an AH-6 attack chopper.

Part 5: D- Day Detonator
Military weapons enthusiast and host Paul Shull takes on his greatest challenge yet: to rebuild an entire battle, and not just any battle. He’s going to reconstruct D-Day from the ground up.

Part 6: Iwo Jima Franken gun
Host Paul Shull is looking to resurrect a gun that no longer exists. It was called the Stinger, a unique World War II machine gun. To build it, he must not only track down the rare parts he needs, but convince their owners to part with them forever.

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