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The Secret Lives of Big Cats: Season 1 (2019) 2of7 The Secret Lives of Snow Leopards

The Secret Lives Of Big Cats Series 1 2of7 The Secret Lives of Snow Leopards
The Secret Lives Of Big Cats: Series 1
Big cat populations are shrinking fast, but now we have the means to view them in more detail than ever.

Part 1: The Secret Lives of Tigers
Siberian tigers are the largest of all cats. In historic times, the tiger’s range was vast, covering much of Asia. Over the last century, they’ve experienced an almost total population crash, and at least 97% of those tigers have gone.

Part 2: The Secret Lives of Snow Leopards
Often referred to as the gray ghost or ghost of the mountains, this animal’s rarity and elusiveness was legendary. In the past, it was known as the ounce, but today we’ve settled on the name snow leopard.

Part 3: The Secret Lives of Pumars
Pumas are also known by the names of cougar or mountain lion. However, these cats are only distantly related to lions. They’re much more closely related to cheetahs. And while pumas are often found in mountains, they’re just as at home in the lowlands, dense forests, treeless pampers, or deserts.

Part 4: The Secret Lives of Lions
Lions differ from all other cats in that they are highly social, forming prides of up to 35 animals. There are now thought to be fewer than 15,000 lions remaining in Kenya’s Masai Mara, a drop of 75% in 50 years.

Part 5: The Secret Lives of Leopards
Like most big cats, the leopard is a master of secrecy. It’s one of the hardest of all big cats to see, let alone observe. This is mainly because leopards need absolute invisibility to hunt. This is why they’re such good climbers and why they evolved to be so incredibly secretive.

Part 6: The Secret Lives of Jaguars
The first jaguar scientists struggled to go anywhere near their subjects. But times have changed. There are now a couple of places in the world where seeing a wild jaguar is a possibility rather than a dream.

Part 7: The Secret Lives of Cheetahs
Cheetahs are not your standard big cats, they differ from the others in many ways. First, cheetahs are daytime hunters with eyesight optimized for open landscape and distant prey. Second, They’re possibly the fastest land animals that have ever lived.

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