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The Real War of Thrones: The Wars of Religion (2018) 4of6 Blood Wedding 1567-1574

The Real War of Thrones Series 2 The Wars of Religion 4of6 Blood Wedding 1567 1574HDTV
The Real War of Thrones Series 2: The Wars of Religion
Focused on the hidden side of Europe’s religious wars and the power games of the families that ruled the continent, crushing their enemies.

Part 1: Game of Queens 1542- 1559
In the middle of the Renaissance, the son of Francis I shake up the foundations of Europe. Henry II, the King of France, secures a claim to the Scottish crown by marrying young queen Mary Stuart to his son, the future Francis II, heir to the French throne.

Part 2: In the Name of God 1559- 1561
The rise of Protestantism is dividing Europe. This is the beginning of the Wars of Religion. While celebrating an alliance treaty, Henry II dies during a jousting tournament. Espionage, conspiracies, treason – his son, the sickly Francis II, sees his life and his reign threatened by the Protestants.

Part 3: Europe Ignites 1561- 1569
In France, perfidy and treason plunge the French Kingdom into chaos. Behind new king Charles IX, Catherine de Medici rules in the background as master of the throne. However, she is unable to prevent a civil war.

Part 4: Blood Wedding 1567- 1574
In the name of religious tolerance, Catherine de Medici weds her Catholic daughter, Margaret of Valois, to the young Protestant heir of the Bourbon dynasty, Henry of Navarre. Protestants and Catholics are both in attendance. This event leads to the most infamous bloodbath in France’s history.

Part 5: Feuding Brothers 1575- 1584
Mary, Queen of Scots is forced to abdicate and flee to England, where Queen Elizabeth has her imprisoned. Refusing to acknowledge her cousin as her legitimate heir, Elizabeth accepts to wed one of Catherine de Medicis sons. In Flanders, William I requests military assistance from France.

Part 6: The Last of the Valois 1584- 1594
In France, Henry III still has no heir. Catherine de Medici is determined to prevent him from being the last of the Valois line and leaving the throne to Henry of Navarre. Yet again, the wind of revolt blows over the kingdom of France and leads to the assassination of Henry, Duke of Guise.

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