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The Irish Revolution (2019) 2of3 That The Nation May Live

RTE The Irish Revolution 2of3 That The Nation May Live

Marking the centenary of the Irish War of Independence, RTE and UCC present THE IRISH REVOLUTION, a major documentary project narrated by Cillian Murphy.

Revealing the extraordinary story of how against all odds and armed with little more than idealism, blind faith and courage, a small group of rebels forced Britain, the world’s most powerful nation, to withdraw after centuries of conquest and misrule, this is a landmark production for audiences throughout the world.

Featuring rarely seen archive footage, rare, first hand witness accounts, 3-D CGI mapping, dramatic visuals and contributions by the finest writers and historians, THE IRISH REVOLUTION tells the story of the people’s revolution of 1916 to 1922, as it has never been told before. We explore how the rebels drew heavily the revolutionary spirit that swept the world in the first years of the 20th century, reveal the astonishing events that forced Britain’s hand and show how the Irish example had a far reaching impact, causing millions around the world to rise up and demand their right to equality and freedom.

Part 1: We Lived in Dreams
Tells the story of how a small group of rebels forced Britain to withdraw after centuries of conquest and misrule.

Part 2: That the Nation May Live
In 1919 following the landslide victory of Sinn Féin and the formation of the independent parliament, Dáil Éireann.

Part 3: The Spirit of Freedom
A look at how the British government sought a political solution in 1921 when much of the countryside became ungovernable as rebels escalated armed attacks.

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