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The Hunt for Eagle 56: Series 1 (2019) 2of3 The Mystery Deepens

The Hunt for Eagle 56 Series 1 2of3 The Mystery Deepens
The Hunt for Eagle 56: Series 1
On April 23, 1945, the U.S. Navy warship USS Eagle 56 exploded off the coast of Portland, Maine due to a malfunction of the ship’s boilers…or so the official report said. For decades, questions and confusion about the tragedy have plagued its survivors and their families. Some believe the sinking was actually the result of an attack by a rogue German U-boat. A civilian-led dive expedition attempts to discover the lost wreckage and find out what really happened, uncovering fresh clues, startling eyewitness accounts, and a possible cover-up.

Part 1: Lost to History
Follow shipwreck hunters as they comb the seafloor and pore over eyewitness accounts to solve the mystery of Eagle 56.

Part 2: The Mystery Deepens
The bow of the famous Eagle 56 has been found, but the team must find the rest of the warship to understand why it exploded.

Part 3: History Rewritten
Follow a team of citizen sleuths to Germany and deep into the frigid Atlantic to get to the bottom of this WWII mystery.

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