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The Curious Mind with Nigel Latta: Series 1 (2020) 4of4 What is Your Brain

The Curious Mind with Nigel Latta Series 1 4of4 What is Your Brain
The Curious Mind with Nigel Latta: Series 1
The Curious Mind follows Nigel Latta on a fascinating journey to explore the miracles of the human mind with the help of BabyX.

Part 1: The Imperfect Brain
For most of human history, our brains dealt with pretty straight forward problems. But that brain is the exact same one we now use to post pictures of our pets on social media, fill out Excel spreadsheets, and worry about the next payment on our credit card.

Part 2: The Social Brain
The traditional narrative is that humans are selfish. If pushed, the story goes, we look after ourselves first and others later. In this episode, we see how modern neuroscience has blown that myth apart.

The Super-Charged Brain

Part 3: [[Image:Our brain is always making decisions – Nigel explores how it does this, and if we can help it to make better ones? Is it possible to change the brain we’re born with to a supercharged brain?
Part 4: What is Your Brain?
In the first episode, we explore the apparently very simple question: What is your brain? This is something humans have been struggling to understand for millennia and science for several decades.

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