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The Big Dry: Season 1 (2017) 2of3 Life in the Furnace

Love Nature Big Dry Series 1 2of3 Life in the Furnace
The Big Dry: Series 1
The Luangwa Valley in Zambia is one of Africas last great wildernesses. A rich mosaic of ebony forests and grassy plains, its home to a vast array of colourful species including carmine-bee-eaters, hyenas, lions, vultures, crocodiles and insects such as praying mantis. This series follows the challenges the valleys wildlife must overcome during the long dry season as they await the life-giving rains.

Part 1: The Drought Begins
The Luangwa Valley in Zambia experiences one of the toughest dry seasons imaginable. Seven months with no rain and spiralling temperatures. And with this years El Nino conditions the drought is threatening to be even more intense than usual.

Part 2: Life in the Furnace
Its October in Zambias Luangwa Valley. The hottest and harshest time of year. But this year dry season conditions are exacerbated by a global El Nino event… the Valley is in the throes of drought. Theres been no rain since April and desperate animals are drawn to the only remaining source of water in the Valley – the dwindling Luangwa River…

Part 3: The Coming of the Rains
The rains are late. It is the most brutal time of year. Babies born into drought face starvation. The weak and the injured are weeded out. Everything is desperate for rain. When it finally arrives, it is a downpour on an enormous scale. Alien creatures emerge into a different world. The wet season begins.

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