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Steps Away from the Future (2010) 2of4 Cosmic Hazards

Steps Away From The Future Series 1 2of4 Cosmic Hazards
Steps Away From The Future: Series 1
A cutting-edge series that brings new light to the most compelling topics. Explore the possibility of communication with other worlds. Can gamma rays, super volcanoes, and magnetic pole reversals destroy the Earth? Examine new theories based on unique individuals with astonishing brainpower. And discover how close we are to unlocking secrets of the fountain of youth.

AKA, Steps To The Future

Part 1: Are We Alone in the Universe
There are extraordinary advances in space exploration that are about to transform our beliefs and preconceptions about the possibility of life on distant planets. Traveling to the most sophisticated observatories and universities in the world and interviewing dedicated scientists and experts in the science of space, we gradually put the pieces of the puzzle together to present the possibility whether life exists outside our galaxy. Using 3D imagery, we explore the vastness of the universe and the possibility of real communication with beings on other planets – far, far, away.
Featuring: Athena Coustenis, Duncan Forgan, Jean-Michel Martin, Michel Mayor, Marc Ollivier

Part 2: Cosmic Hazards
End of the earth theories and prophecies abound, and the concept of an Armageddon destruction of our planet permeates our culture. Yes, the earth is billions of years old. Can it really be destroyed? Beginning with the climate changes and the contradictions of Global warming vs a predicted Ice Age, we explore other realistic possibilities of our destruction. Traveling around the globe, we interview experts in geology and space, as we simulate the devastating effects of a collision with asteroids, the effects of gamma rays, super volcanoes, magnetic pole reversals, and other potential catastrophes. Its a thrilling ride!
Featuring: Jean-Francois Pinton, Yves Gallet, Vincent Courtillot, Jean-Yves Prado, Patrick Michel, Neil Gehrels, Brian Thomas, Gilles Ramstein

Part 3: What If We Could Live Forever
Brooke Greenberg is a 17-year-old girl who is trapped in the body and the mind of an infant. Doctors, and her parents, believe Brooke is Gods gift to unlocking the aging process. We explore the possibility of finding the key to the Fountain Of Youth, with interviews of Brookes family and her doctors, as well as the leading experts in the science of aging. By interweaving Brookes story with the latest research in gene therapy, the dramatic discoveries uncovered in the aging of fruit flies, as well as advances in stem cell research, among other topics, we discover how very close we are to living a very long life!
Featuring: Brooke Greenberg, Luca Deiana, Richard Walker, Marie-Claude Bomsel, Edmund Chein, Michael Fossel, Terry Grossman, Amitabh Bhattacharya

Part 4: The Hidden Side of the Brain
We begin by exploring the astounding accomplishments of individuals with Autistic Savant Syndrome and Aspergers. Their unique and incredible talents demonstrate that our brains are capable of so much more than we utilize. Exploring the vast and unfathomable range of possibilities hidden within the brain, we criss-cross the globe in search of the answers. From our initial demonstrations of the Savants, to the rituals of an African shaman and trances of indigenous peoples, and Pentecostal Christians, we explore altered states of consciousness.
Featuring: Laurent Mottron, Matthew Savage, Darold Treffert, Jill Bolte Taylor, Christine Le Scanff

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