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Southern Africa: Season 1 (2017) 2of3 The Kingdom of Colors

Southern Africa Series 1 2of3 The Kingdom of Colors
Southern Africa: Series 1
Go on a tour to Southern Africa! Discover the diversity of its eight biotopes and its amazing wildlife.

Part 1: The Quest for Water
Follow a route that starts at Victoria Falls, crosses the delta of Okavango and goes down through the desert of Namib. The goal of this amazing journey is to show the multiple uses of the water that make survival possible for the thousands of animals that call these regions home.

Part 2: The Kingdom of Colors
In South Africa, from Kalahari Desert to Namaqualand, the dry zones are transformed into fields covered by flowers in spring. The animals must adapt themselves to this seasonal change.

Part 3: Wild Coasts
Follow the wildlife that live on the South coast of South Africa, from the Cape Peninsula to the Mozambique wetland beaches, passing through the Drakensberg Mountains. Its the wet season now and the tropical forest becomes the homeland of thousands bird.

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