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Smithsonian Channel – Europe’s Last Warrior Kings: Season 1 (2018) Episode 3 The Battle of Hastings

Europes Last Warrior Kings Series 1 3of3 The Battle of Hastings
Europes Last Warrior Kings: Series 1
The year is 1066. The place is England. King Edward the Confessor has just died and with no true heir to succeed him, three power-hungry warlords set their eyes on the crown. In the coming months, the country will endure three invasions that will end a chapter in Viking history and change the shape of England and Europe forever. Revisit the remarkable year when a real-life drama played out, one full of political schemes, family betrayals, and bloody invasions that culminated in the epic Battle of Hastings.

Part 1: Prelude to War
In the premiere, King Edward the Confessor dies without an heir, triggering a bitter race to succeed him as King of England. Earl Harold is on the spot and takes the crown. But in Normandy, Duke William believes the throne has been promised to him.

Part 2: England under Attack
King Harold of England takes on two invasion forces. First, his brother Tostig attacks the south coast. He is repelled, but there is more to come. Later in the year, a vast Viking invasion force led by King Harald Hardrada of Norway lands in the north.

Part 3: The Battle of Hastings
In the conclusion, the winds finally change and Duke William leads his vast invasion fleet across the Channel. But King Harold is 300 miles away in the north having defeated the Vikings.

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