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Seriously Amazing Objects: Season 1 (2014) 5of5 Tools

Seriously Amazing Objects Series 1 5of5 Tools
Seriously Amazing Objects: Series 1
America: land of liberty, opportunity, and some Seriously Amazing Objects, many of which are on display. Join us as we whisk unsuspecting museum visitors inside the vaults to get up close and personal with some of history’s great treasures.

Part 1: Trailblazers
A seemingly normal trip to an adventure for lucky museum-goers! From the compass Lewis and Clark carried west, to the original Wright Flyer, to Ben Franklin’s electrostatic machine, Seriously Amazing Objects puts ordinary people in touch with the extraordinary, and even sends some off on a trailblazing adventure of their own!

Part 2: Melting Pot
America is truly a melting pot, one that’s been simmering for centuries, and made up of warriors, innovators, icons, and the objects they left behind. Follow one lucky couple as they’re whisked to Montana to witness a re-creation of the Battle of Little Bighorn. Then watch as a friends’ trip to the zoo turns into an art project with pandas. Private tours of the secret vaults to see Edison’s first bulbs, the first Colt revolver, and other incredible artifacts make visit they’ll never forget.

Part 3: Seeking Fortune
See a famous laptop, a Gold Rush nugget, Oscar the Grouch, and Susan B. Anthony’s red shawl. Other amazing objects Irving Berlin’s piano, and Seinfeld’s puffy shirt.

Part 4: Legends
There are some Seriously Amazing Objects. Learn more about Abe Lincoln’s shawl, Muhammad Ali’s boxing robe, and the haunting photos of Titanic survivors taken after their rescue. In this episode, we quiz museum-goers for a chance to see, touch, and even ride some of the items invented, used, or inspired by our nation’s greatest icons.

Part 5: Tools
Our world exists because of tools, from stone choppers used nearly two million years ago to the smart phones we depend on today. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable, and sometimes peculiar, history of these objects, many of which are on display.

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