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Secrets: Season 6 (2019) Episode 3 Gangs of Pompeii

Secrets Series 6 Part 3 Gangs of Pompeii
Secrets: Series 6
Unsolved Viking murders, King Tuts battle with demons, gang wars in Pompeii, and other ancient secrets are uncovered.

Part 1: Tut’s Last Mission
Experts are re-examining King Tuts treasures, not to piece together his life, but to understand his afterlife.

Part 2: Viking Murder Mystery
Follow investigators as they use the latest forensic technology to solve the mystery of a brutal pre-Viking massacre.

Part 3: Gangs of Pompeii
See how organized gangs and violence threatened the ancient city of Pompeii long before Mount Vesuvius buried it.

Part 4: Rome’s Sunken City
Discover the untold story of Neapolis and its crucial role to the Roman Empire before a disaster wiped it from history.

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