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Science vs Terrorism (2019) Season 1 Episode 4 Soldier of Future

Science Vs Terrorism Series 1 4of4 Soldier of Future
Science Vs Terrorism: Series 1
Researchers are pushing the boundaries of their fields to develop more accurate and efficient responses against international terrorism.

Part 1: Science Vs Bioterrorism
Nuclear bombs, chemical, and biological agents, their use and development are governed by international conventions. But these unconventional often invisible weapons feed our worst fears and could well mark the advent of a new era of global terrorism.

Part 2: Robotics
International terrorists are willing to die in attacks against civilians and military targets, in response, minimizing the loss of life has become an absolute priority. New technological allies could prove indispensable. Robots: mimicking human senses, detecting threats without being spotted.

Part 3: Digital Data
With the advent of digital media and the internet, the global war on terrorism has changed. Extremist groups have used these new tools to increase their ability to strike fear. Computer engineers, security companies and scientists are now working closely with police forces and intelligence services.

Part 4: Soldier of Future
The units charged with neutralizing the terrorists have had to update their engagement tactics. They must now act faster and with less intel because they face a battle-hardened well-armed enemy. To help these units, scientists and researchers to develop new equipment to give them the advantage.

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