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Science Channel – What on Earth? Series 6 (2019) 3of8 North Korea Death Star

What on Earth Series 6 3of8 North Korea Death Star
What on Earth: Series 6
The proliferation of satellites orbiting our planet has put more eyes on Earth’s vast, unexplored areas of land and sea than ever before. Now, with these images appearing on consumer-oriented programs like Google Earth, baffling anomalies we never knew existed are being revealed.

Part 1: Worlds Deadliest Threats
The world’s most dangerous threats are in top-secret locations all over the planet, and using cutting-edge technology, experts reveal the truth behind these sinister mysteries from space.

Part 2: Monsters of Diamond Desert
An abandoned ghost town in a remote desert with a dark past. When a strange facility is spotted in Russia, experts investigate if it’s hiding evidence of alien life. Cutting-edge tech reveals new clues to these sinister mysteries from space.

Part 3: North Korea Death Star
When satellites spot a mysterious structure in North Korea, experts investigate if this sinister evidence points to a looming nuclear threat, and using cutting-edge tech, they reveal dark secrets from this strange place.

Part 4: Aliens of the Infinity War
When a strange pattern appears in a field, experts wonder if its an extraterrestrial response to a message sent to an alien star cluster in 1974, and using cutting-edge science, they uncover its true origin.

Part 5: The Cave to Hell
When a sinister cave is discovered in a remote corner of Iceland, experts uncover a secret underworld tunneling to unknown depths, and using cutting-edge tech, they investigate if this strange place could hold secrets of alien worlds.

Part 6: Terror of the Ice Snake
In the white ice of Antarctica, satellites discover a mysterious trail of sinister black objects, and when experts discover that it’s moving, they use cutting-edge tech to investigate who or what is behind this strange phenomena.

Part 7: Curse of Genghis Khan
When an strange structure is discovered in the Gobi Desert, experts investigate if this mysterious site could reveal the whereabouts of lost treasure, which might change everything we know about Genghis Khan and the Mongol warriors who once lived here.

Part 8: The King at Roswell
When a strange, red plane is discovered near the sight of the Roswell UFO incident, experts wonder if the aircraft has Nazi or extraterrestrial origins, and their investigation reveals new secrets about one of America’s most famous faces.

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