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Science Channel – What on Earth? Season 4 (2017) Episode 6 Village of the Damned

What on Earth Series 4 06of10 Village of the Damned
What on Earth? Series 4
Satellites orbit Earth at 17,000 miles an hour, capturing images of our world that are breathtaking, but some are bizarre. This unique perspective reveals objects that seem to make no sense & phenomena that defy explanation. Such images force the question, what on Earth is that?

Science Ch. - What on Earth? Series 4 (2017) Part 1: Draculas Tomb
Strange mounds in Transylvania might pinpoint the location of the tomb of the bloodthirsty tyrant believed to have inspired Dracula. A mysterious ancient city is discovered on a coral reef. Images of a plane crash sets off a hunt for a drug lord.

Science Ch. - What on Earth? Series 4 (2017) Part 2: Fountain of Youth Found
A strange structure shaped like a giant shark might point the way to a lost civilization’s Fountain of Youth. A massive hurricane heads toward Florida but something unexpected is in its eye. Bizarre marks across the eastern US leave experts baffled.

Science Ch. - What on Earth? Series 4 (2017) Part 3: Mafia Ghost Ship
A ghost ship with links to the mob suddenly appears on a California beach. Strange markings could be a coded message that reveals a plot to overthrow the Queen of England. A lake believed to have magical healing powers holds clues to life on Mars.

Science Ch. - What on Earth? Series 4 (2017) Part 4: Beasts of the Lost Jungle
A ghost town covered in a strange, white powder emerges from a lake in Argentina. When a lost jungle is discovered in Africa, scientists embark on a dangerous mission to explore it. A declassified CIA image uncovers a bizarre, giant Soviet weapon.

Science Ch. - What on Earth? Series 4 (2017) Part 5: Mystery of Fang Forest
A strange forest of razor-sharp stones could be home of an undiscovered Hobbit-like humanoid species. When a man-made island mysteriously appears off the US coast, grisly new evidence points to secret government experiments into psycho-chemical warfare.

Science Ch. - What on Earth? Series 4 (2017) Part 6: Village of the Damned
A forbidden island points to a strange South American town that locals claim was the home of Adolf Hitler. New data from NASA satellites might reveal a sunken lost continent in the Indian Ocean. A pit of bodies suggests fears of a zombie nightmare.

Science Ch. - What on Earth? Series 4 (2017) Part 7: The Minotaurs Lair
A strange lake in Transylvania is the home of an abandoned village and a terrifying secret. When an labyrinth is discovered on an island once home to an ancient Greek civilization, experts investigate if it was the legendary home of the Minotaur.

Science Ch. - What on Earth? Series 4 (2017) Part 8: Lost City of Goliath
A lost city near Jerusalem might have been the home of Goliath. Bizarre underwater formations might point to a top-secret US weapons testing facility. A strange sighting in the Arctic could be a lost Nazi relic or the icy remains of prehistoric monsters.

Science Ch. - What on Earth? Series 4 (2017) Part 9: Finding King Arthur
An abandoned megacity in a remote jungle might be the home of an ancient treasure and a dark secret. When a mysterious circular stone structure is discovered in Scotland, experts investigate whether it’s the fabled Round Table of King Arthur.

Science Ch. - What on Earth? Series 4 (2017) Part 10: Treasures of Valhalla
When experts investigate an ancient network of tunnels rumoured to be the hiding place of lost royal treasure, they find evidence of human sacrifice for the Viking god Odin. An abandoned fortress in Siberia might shed new light on Genghis Khan.

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